About Us

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    Bregla is leading woven denim fabric producer.

    The roots of Bregla & Gozek family is coming from 1930's.Gözek family was among the leading weaving producers,coming from the generation in which early steps of Turkish Republic's first industrial revolution took place.

    Founded by Mr. Tanzer GOZEK,Bregla is a privately held integrated textile plant.Ever since its establishment,Bregla has continuously developed into a global supplier of fabrics for major retailers worldwide,and continuing to respond to ever-changing consumer demand & fashion trends.

   Today, Bregla combines 80 years old historical & cultural values with other unique features as being LEADER among all:

   - R&D
   - Innovation & Technical Variability
   - Large scale capacity
   - Clever stock management
   - Fast fashion mentality
   - Perfection oriented quality control system and mentality
   - Highest value/price ratio

   While highly respecting;
   - Environment
   - Human
   - Fair Trade

   As a result today,
   - Our employees
   - Our customers
   - Our suppliers
   Continuously realize an increase on their sales,profits or utilities with this precious interactive eco-system.