About Us


Bregla is a private integrated textile facility established by TANZER GÖZEK.

Since its inception, Bregla has grown every day to become a global fabric supplier to major retailers. Today, it continues to respond to ever-changing consumer demands and fashion trends with great care and devotion.

When we look at the roots of Bregla and Gözek families, it goes back to the 1930s. The Gözek Family is among the leading weavers from a generation that has seen and lived through the early stages of the first industrial revolution of the Republic of Turkey.

Today, Bregla owes its eighty-year-old historical and cultural values, above all to the aspects that it has developed LEADERSHIP.

The Bregla R&D system was designed with optimum efficiency compared to the total investment and number of employees. There is a large investment in R&D activities at each step of the production facilities.

All departments have separate R&D teams that can contribute to our innovation process in a focused way. This system, which we designed as a factory within a factory in order to provide the most effective way possible, can keep itself dynamic with the blending of different views.

We produce more than 1400 new fabric designs every year.
We produce more than 9000 sample trousers every year.

These two cases show how much we attach importance to design and innovation.

We are always prepared to procure any innovation demand from our customers and business partners in terms of quantity or variety.


Flexible Technical Structure

High Volume Capacity

Intelligent Stock Management

The Fast Fashion Mindset

Excellence Oriented Quality Control System

Good Price/Performance Ratio

While conducting all our R&D activities; We show maximum respect to Environment / Human / Ethical values.

As a result: We create a constantly evolving and collaborative ecosystem for our Employees / Customers / Suppliers.