Fashion Trend

Being one of the leading names in jean fashion brings new responsibilities to our design team, and this creates the motivation to constantly analyze fashion trends in the world and act with the thought of bringing a new breath to fashion.

At Bregla, we aim to try to see the fabric and clothing world through the eyes of women.
Men, on the other hand, are looking for a way to be a trend while being practical, dynamic and different.



The fabrics we develop using high quality cotton are an area where we can offer different solutions with our expertise.

We start the know-how process for fabrics that we develop using special yarns in fiber form. We develop our fabrics meticulously by predicting how the yarn used will respond to the necessary construction and finishing techniques.


We offer noticeable comfort, comfort and a sense of exclusivity in our Tencel-containing fabrics.

We apply special techniques by blending our years of experience in these fabrics with the Know-How we keep fresh.

In a wide spectrum starting from thin shirting qualities by processing Tencel fiber to double layer thick woven fabrics; We can produce with Indigo, Sulfur and Reactive dyeing processes.

Cotton / Visvose / Polyester / Elasthane etc. to meet different needs of Tencel fiber. We can blend it with fibers.


Cotton fiber can mix with Viscose and Polyester in a very compatible way.

In order to increase the performance of cotton without compromising its comfort and attitude, we can offer Viscose and Polyester blended fabrics in a wide collection.


Modal, Polyamide, Hemp, Multifilament etc. Fibers are made of different blends by our fabric R&D teams.

It can be applied in combinations and in combination with Elastane.


For Women
Fashion Lines

The complexity of fashion trends is directly related to the different demands of today’s women. Today’s women always follow the latest fashion trends in clothes in current colors and fabric attitudes and choose the fashionable ones.
Trying to analyze what women are looking for is among the main tasks of Bregla R&D teams.

At Bregla, we aim to try to see the fabric and clothing world through the eyes of women. Women easily understand the harmony between cut and fabric and choose the right combination outfit that best expresses themselves.

Women are so smart that they can determine not only the clothing performance of clothing and fabric, but also the color depth, fabric surface quality, finish and handle, etc. by analyzing the clothing, he can understand the quality of the outfit as soon as he sees it for the first time. Bregla is one of the leading jean fabric manufacturers in the world in the field of women’s fabrics… What provides this is, besides all the engineering and design activities of the company, another dimension in which it is strongest: FOCUS.


For Men
Fashion Lines

Men, on the other hand, are looking for a way to be a trend while being practical, dynamic and different.

We offer them a wide range of solutions through hundreds of blends, color and design combinations that are constantly updated with special finishing applications.

While focusing on the mechanical and durability performance of fabric for men, we do not lose sight of our biggest challenge: to be at the center of world fashion trends.




The combination of cut and fabric is the basis of this business. Specially blended fiber blended fabrics and design are the most important parts of trousers production. Our R&D team is constantly working on special color applications, construction and touches in the field of trouser fabric.


Shirting fabric is one of the areas we are most specialized in… Spinning, weaving and finishing techniques require completely different perspectives.


We are active in the field of jean dress fabric suitable for both comfortable and stylish daily wear. Both styles are designed with their own unique understanding. Our design team works diligently on the specific color, design and finishing processes for each dress project.


Completely different from other jean product groups, it is handled in special silhouettes, patterns and colors. We develop special finishings for our jacket fabrics and offer them to our customers.


Bregla understands the different lifestyle needs of customers and tries to focus on these 3 main areas during the creation of the collection:

Casual Wear
Active Wear

Active Wear

Stylish Wear